Chainsaw Equipment

At Ruby we have been supplying Husqvarna Chainsaw Accessories for longer than we can remember, we appreciate the need for gear PPE equipment that is built to stand the test of time, that’s why we only stock the very best of what we can source. Whether it’s a new Combi-Can or Forestry Equipment we can supply you with the very best equipment in the Market. Husqvarna has a world-renowned reputation and rightly deserved, they are the Market Leaders in Chainsaw Equipment and we are proud to have them as part the Ruby Group here in Devon.

Oregon Lifting Hook - Ruby UK

Oregon Lifting Hook

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Husqvarna Timber Tongs - Ruby UK

Husqvarna Timber Tongs

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Husqvarna Lifting Hook - Ruby UK

Husqvarna Lifting Hook

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Oregon Lifting Picks - Ruby UK

Oregon Lifting Picks

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Oregon Lifting Hook with Tranverse Handle - Ruby UK

Oregon Lifting Hook with Tranverse Handle

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Oregon Lifting Tongs - Ruby UK

Oregon Lifting Tongs

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