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Husqvarna Classic PPE Safety Kit

  • £125.00


  • Husqvarna basic chainsaw protective kit. This kit included all the basic personal protective equipment that you will need when using a chain saw in and around the garden pruning trees and sawing logs.

  • This is a pre-packed kit containing the basic protective equipment that is needed when using a chainsaw. Includes chaps with saw protection class 1 ( 20m/s), Functional gloves with saw protection (16m/s) and a Forest helmet Classic. The one size chaps can be used over your regular working trousers.

  • HELMET: Complete with visor, hearing protectors, and sun peak. The hearing protectors can be adjusted vertically and sideways and ensure good noise exclusion. Fully adjustable to fit head circumference 53 - 63cms. Resistent to UV light. The helmet has been tested and meets the requirements in EN397

  • GLOVES: Comfort glove with saw protection. They have a shaped and reinforced palm. Exposed areas are seamless and reinforced with leather. Plus waterproof goat leather palm and hard-wearing, water-repellent polyester on the back. Meets requirements of: EN 381-4, EN 420:1, EN 388, class 0, 16 m/s.

  • CHAPS: One size, easy to adjust waist. 9 layers of leg protection in front and 5 cm overlaps on outer seam of left leg and inner seam of right leg. Polyester. Meets requirements of: EN 381-5, EN 340 class 1, 20m/s.

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